A  country of miracles, a treasure chest full of most wonderful treasures, as if, as the legend says, the God’s bag had really torn apart when he was giving gifts of nature and wonderful things including the mountains and other beauties fell out of it just above Montenegro.

However, geographers say that this area in the South of Europe and the Balkans, not large but unique for its diversity, was created in ancient times by the strong forces of nature. Made by forces or not – it turned beautiful and unusual – magnificent. Wild beauty, as everyone said!

Unforgettable! Individual and in harmony: sea salt, mimosa and oleanders, mountain flowers, eternal snow, Austrian pine, smell of mountain cottages and warm home-made bread, stony stairs of old towns, mature Vranac and dried figs and beautiful tall people…

Durmitor is one of the most beautiful and famous National Parks. With the decision of UNESCO’s International Committee for the World Natural and Historical Heritage from 1980, NP Durmitor was included in the list of the World Natural Heritage.

Center of the park is Žabljak, small town at the bottom of the southeastern part of Durmitor. This settlement, which is located at the highest altitude of the Balkan Peninsula (around 1.450m) is the biggest mountain holiday center in Montenegro, with considerable accommodation capacities, both hotel and private, infrastructure for  sports and services in the area of tourism and mountaineering. Mountaineering paths are marked and there is an organized mountain climbing guide service.

 With our expert partners in different field of active holiday, we can offer special adventure packages for your stay before, during and after event Durmitor Orienteering Challenge 2017.

Hiking tours to several Durmitor peaks with a proffesional guides, Mountain biking, rafting on beautiful river canjon Tara…

At just an  143km distance from Zabljak, there is a famous Boka Kotorska bay at the Adriatic sea coast, so its wonderfull opportunity to mix your active holiday with mountain and sea coast. With our partners we can offer you different type of accommodation at the sea cost as well.

The 293 km long coast cherishes the spirit of Mediterranean with its stone walkways, six cities of ancient civilizations, botanical gardens with plants brought by the sailors from different parts of the world, carnival parades and fiestas throughout the whole year. Beaches are famous for their beauty, for being different, and for their curative effects. In summer time the cast is the centre of entertainment and cultural events, musical and film events and international competitions.

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